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Two South Sudan in Australia have been sentenced to jailed



Two South Sudanese have been jailed by a court in Australia for their involvement in a childcare scam.

Rosa Riak and her son Kuol Deng were both sentenced in Melbourne’s County Court today to four year term with a two year non-parole period over a conspiracy to defraud the Commonwealth Ed-ucation Department

Court heard on Tuesday that the two used false childcare subsidy claims made through various childcare businesses.

Court also heard that claims were made for children who were never cared for at the centres.

Justice McInerney said receipts showed more than $950,000 had definitely been falsely claimed.

The trio pleaded guilty in July this year to using their business “The Deng Group” and other child-care businesses to make false claims to the Commonwealth, particularly through claims of a grand-parent childcare benefit.

Riak’s daughter, Achai Deng, was sentenced to 18 months jail, but released shortly through a re-cognisance order because of her youth, status as a Masters student, and her volunteer work in Melbourne’s South Sudanese community.

Earlier, Riak and her children told the court they were ashamed and that they feared their actions would affect the reputation of South Sudanese people in Australia.

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