A family in Hai-Thoura residential area in Juba sued looters


A family in Hai-Thoura residential area in Juba said they have filed a case after a police unit ‘mistakenly’ raided their home and looted some money on Thursday.

Mark Malual, a family member, told Eye Radio some police personnel drove to their home and arrested him and his cousins at gun-point on Thursday at around 9:30 PM.

“They came to our house and intimidated everyone at a gun-point and all of us where taken out of the house and they went in and searched on everything in the house.”

Mr. Malual said the men wearing police uniforms forced them into three Toyota Land cruisers and drove them to Jubek police headquarters where they spent a night there.

“They forced us to enter the cars and they took us to Jubek Police station.”

He alleged that the officers looted $4,900 and 50,000 SSP, including some valuables such as laptops and phones from their houses.

Mr. Malual said the police mistook their car  to be for some suspected criminals involved in a theft and followed them up to their house before  storming  their compound.

When contacted for a comment, Jubek state police commissioner, Major General Jackson Elia confirmed the incident, saying he released those arrested.

I got aware of the case and it was me who released them.”

Major General did not give detailed account, but said he would speak more about it on Monday.

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