Government of South Sudan disappointed by Kenyan’s government absenteeism in the last celebrated peace on 31-10-2018


The government  is disappointed by Kenya’s failure to participate during the peace day celebration on last Wednesday, the Information Minister  Michael Makuei  has said.

Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, is IGAD’s rapporteur to the peace agreement that was signed in September.

Michael Makuei, who is also the official spokesperson of the government of South Sudan, said as a guarantor to the peace agreement, they had extended an invite to the government of Kenya to partake in the event.

But, no single Kenyan official showed up at the venue, nor was there any explanation given about their absence.

Mr. Makuei said the government is concerned about Kenya’s absence at the event.

“Well, of course their none attendance was a concern…if I have invited you to come to me and you don’t, definitely I will feel disappointed but what can you do, ” he told journalists after the regular council of ministers meeting on Friday.

However, Mr. Makuei said the lack of participation by the Kenyan leadership will not derail the bilateral relations between the two countries.


Eye radio Report.

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