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Students of Juba University warns South Sudanese Students studying abroad mostly Students studying in North Africa countries to stop crying on social media and come back to study in South sudan Public universities.

Speaking at the custom’s campus, Lokudu stephen Lado , point out that, There is a need for the government to focus on giving much effort to develop South Sudan public universities than signing fake scholarship deals with foreign countries that don’t implements their deals rather than living much conditions facing students in their countries unsolved.

“There are these students in Kharṭoum, Egypt and Morocco who are suffering and government is still sending students there, what is the motive behind the scholarship to these two countries?” Our government should stop sending Students there and let them study with us here in Juba, we have this major issue of economic crisis, gov’t should find solutions to tackle it not scholarship that will not benefit the country, said Lado.

Earlier one month ago, the government give out $1.4 millions to rescue Students studying abroad and transport back the students who graduated since 2015.

The students studying in Egypt are not studying to be clear, they wasting their precious times in obtaining undergrade certificates with low average. Government should stop that scholarship and turn it into Agricultural deal in order to open large scale production of rice schemes in the areas of Awiel, Tonj, Turalei, Yirol, Bor, Melut, Paloch, Leer , Mayom and many other places, Said SPLM students league chairman in Juba University.

While in Ethiopia, students scholarship are under good conditions, government only need to squeeze the scholarship scale and reduces the number of the students to 25 so there is a need for investing money that should be spends in funding scholarships to be turned as for agriculture scheme.

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  1. George

    March 12, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    No Offense but you guys could make use of me as your Auditor

    • Jenapasa

      March 13, 2019 at 3:53 am

      No worries

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