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It’s with great regret we are writing this article about the hacking of our Facebook Page Juba Eye. This is a piece from the official staff of Juba Eye. We never knew we have haters out there capable of taking over Facebook page with almost invisible accounts.

On the 6th of March, all Juba Eye Editors and Admins were made Analysts on the page by a dude named Jon Mack who made himself only visible to our admin, Sïr Judas leaving the three editors, Purple Haze, Yaba Shabad and Deng in total darkness on the page.

None of us could post yesterday, we were just staying on the page like bunch of stones. But yeah to make it more sad the dude Jon deleted all of us today and as you read this article he has full access as a sole admin.

Our admin approached him and politely asked if he could just make us editors so that we can continue feeding our people Entertainment and News but he ignored the message.

As Juba Eye staff, we are not responsible for any content posted on the page from the seventh of this month morning to maybe forever. We have informed Facebook about the issue and hopefully the report yields fruits.

Sad right? But it is not about fame but for Passion that we formed Juba Eye and blog everyday. Nothing is lost. We have the capacity to bounce back in few months and resume serving our people. The dude is already posting Shooting franks and yep he doesn’t have our blogging skills and understanding of our target group.

Follow the current Juba Eye with only 8K likes and share this news with other as our technicians try hard to recover.

Fingers crossed

Credit: JubaEye

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