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South Sudanese’s ability to spin and narrate a story is such a unique trait that deserves a credit. This lit an ever blazing fire in the hearts of those who loves inspirational literature.

I have passion towards literally work and I like reading through authors personal experiences. I am, most likely, to commend a comprehensive work without fear or favor. At times, I find myself criticizing work that lacks core purpose of literature; information and inspiration. Most recently, I found myself making positive compliments to Emmanuel Jal after going through his Autobiography-Child War.

Emmanuel Jal is an author of divine descent endowed with great strength of ability. Although, internationally known as a great Hip-Hop artist, actor and a former child warrior, his writing skills are a soothing song to the hearts and souls of the many he inspires. Jal, as a noble demigod, exemplifies the resiliency of human spirit.

Emmanuel Jal is depicted as a jovial character when he humorously claims that at his tender age he would carry an AK-47 that was fairly taller than him. His insightful writing and ability to be both genuine and introspective about lessons of war are tremendous. His bold and vivid description of how he would tackle some of life challenges is quite moving.

For instance, sleeping with one eye closed and holding back his tears when beaten (even if it would mean to a chronic extent of p*ss and sh*t coming out)
His harrowing and heartbreaking tale of trekking a hundred miles to escape persecution remains as a source of inspiration to many refugees. The journey is characterized by starvation, the threats to cannibalism, bitterness and hatred.

He is depicted as a determined optimist who is ready to achieve the best regardless of the challenging obstacles. He further notes that life and dignity remains to be the greatest wealth.
The awards winning Emmanuel Jal is a model of moral perfection, a man of high integrity and ambassador of peace. Unlike most other celebrities, serving as a role model and giving back to the society is his priority. His life story reminisce the dreams of any person living in abject poverty, unforgiving world and has nothing else but hopes and dreams.

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1 Comment

  1. Cap

    March 9, 2019 at 8:38 am

    Nice Article.

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