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The police deputy spokesperson is urging any victim of police brutality or harassment to report the case to the police department in Juba.

Colonel James Dak says the aim  is to “to switch off the mistrust that has been existing between us and the community.”

The latest incident occurred at the weekend when alleged unprovoked police officers assaulted young people during the Hagana Festivals organized by the Anataban youth group.

This and several past incidents, including intimidation, looting of civilian property are said to have made the public mistrust the police.

“Anybody [officer] who takes bribe, harasses ladies or does anything that violates the law must be reported…and the law will take its course,” Colonel Dak said.

He demands that members of the public change their mindset about the police  and report.

“Let them be part of the police and the door of the police division is open to them,” he said.

However, some members of the public who reported such complaints said the police authorities did little or nothing about the cases.


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