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Lil Dua has suffered a blow after a group of South Sudanese elders from Kakuma Refugees Camp banned one of his songs from being played, performed or sang in the camp. The team slapped a ban on the video on basis that it has coded message that is purely obscene.
Lil Dua alias Kisx Signal is a south Sudanese artist based in Kenya.

His controversial video- “Something”, was released most recently and got a lot of airplay in the local radio stations. The chorus that goes like “I need something; I want that thing…..” has raised many questions. The video reflects on a life of a man who tries to seduce a lady for sexual satisfaction.
The ban has raised mixed reaction among different parties in the camp.

Quite number of adults claimed that the lyrics are explicit in nature and are going to great lengths in compromising the desired morals of the society. Some indicated that they will take the matters head-on with the KFCB (Kenya Film Classification Board). The youths bitterly resent the ban and dismissed the claims. The youths further argued Lil Dua’s sultry voice and powerful vocals put his song on top of the charts and not the dirt content as the elder’s claims.

Responding to the same, Lil Dua argued that the ban infringes his rights and freedom of expression. He further noted that we are living in a digital age and the old must understand that change is inevitable. “Youths have taste, decency and likes that don’t match adults’ preference” noted Lil Dua.

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