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New university to be established in Torit State



A community in South Sudan’s Torit State has allocated land meant for construction of a new university.

Located about 5 kilometers south of Torit town, the land measuring 1,200 by 500 meters in Himodonge payam was allocated by the Hillieu community for the proposed Equatoria International University.

The acting state education minister, Vitale Ongejuk said the university is an initiative of the local youth and is fully supported by the government.

“The one [land] they gave temporarily is 1,200 meters by 500 meters, which is equivalent to 1.2 km by 500 meters, but they [community] said they will give more than that if they see the university running smoothly,” Ongejuk told Radio Tamazuj Friday.

He added, “The initiative came from the youth to the government and we requested the community for land. Government will take the lead in every school or any initiative that comes from the youth”.

The minister said the new university would bring town to the people.

“As government, we will fully support this university. This is our responsibility as government, we will not give it to somebody,” he said.

Ongejuk said the university will temporarily operate from Torit Technical Institute when it officially opens in April or May, depending on the speed of the contractor who is renovating the lecture halls.

According to the minister, the new university will help students who cannot afford studying outside the state due to economic hardships.

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