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South Sudan Students’ Union in Kenya seeks Government interventions after SSUF/A attempted to hijack them.



Today on a Sunday, April 14, 2019 the South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) attempted to hijack South Sudan Students’ Union in Kenya for the second time at 680 hotel, a meeting which was organized by two members of the disbanded SSSAK-Electoral commission.

However, it is not a surprise to this great union, as the adage goes, “birds of the same feathers flock together” as it was done by their boss, the former Chief of SPLA when he was decreed out by the President of the republic of South Sudan mid 2017 he left Juba the same night without handing over a constitutional office as required by law.

That’s how their Boss instructed these academic pedestrians to carry out this fake and taunt ceremony on the streets of Galana Road. The Union under the constitutional provisions allows its bona fide members to affiliate themselves to any political party of their will but this fundamental rights and freedoms cannot be used by these members to influence the Unions activities and laws through their respective leaders of their parties.

We believe that the aforementioned political/rebel group was behind the facilitation of the activities of these comrades groups which miserably failed a coup attempt on the leadership of the students Union.

The incumbent leadership of SSSAK condemns the said mock swearing in of one self-proclaimed president of SSSAK with the strongest term possible. This is an act that was done out of frustrations and a clear violation of the SSSAK constitution under schedules six, seven and ten.

These schedules of our noble constitution clearly stipulates the process and procedures of a free, fair and credible elections, however these two defunct individuals opted to sideline the constitution and operates from imaginations.

This is the first time in history that the swearing in ceremony is done before an election. In reality, the election that was to happen was to include even members of our party, members of Majur Makueng’s independent party which was adversely ignored by the defunct fired individuals who were bribed to conduct a mock swearing in. It is very disgusting and irresponsible that the other members who were also cleared by the previous commission were not given equal chances to exercise their democratic and constitutional rights.

And to be clear on matters concerning membership of the students’ union, most of the individuals who were present during this mockery swearing in are not bona fide students of the union but probably they are just loiters in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya without a sense of direction and clear objectives. Our constitution in article 11 on Eligibility of membership, dictates that one must be a South Sudanese, be a student of any college or university and most importantly be a registered member of SSSAK and in article 13 (1) clause {d} which states in part, “Every member is entitled to SSSAK identity card after payment of membership fees”.

These were just goons and goal-free individuals whose aim is to destroy the unity in the Union.

The swearing ceremony which was conducted today was a clear violation of our laws stipulated in the tenth schedule which requires that the electoral committee in consultation with the advisory board shall notify the newly elected committee and all members of SSSAK of the date, time and venue of the swearing in ceremony after an election has been conducted which was clearly overlooked and raped by the defunct individuals.

In emphasis, we encourage the public to ignore in totality the activities of that group as they have clearly violated the constitution and the law will deal with them. We regret and apologize to the public that the self-sponsored group of SSSAK were able to enter the precincts of the head of mission of South Sudan to Kenya without the knowledge and consent of the mission by conducting a fake swearing-in ceremony.

We therefore ask the South Sudan Embassy in Kenya to take stringent actions against this individuals who intruded without permission on a no-work day and are eliciting fear-mongering among youths in Kenya with the aim of dragging through mud the name and objectives of the mission. We demand the government to take actions against them as soon as possible.

Following the mockery swearing in of the self-proclaimed representative of the South Sudan Students’ Association in Kenya, the incumbent leadership of the said Union would like to reiterate that the said Union has a well written constitution that guides the activities of our people.

Any activity that is not done in accordance with the constitution is null and void. It doesn’t make any political, social or spiritual sense, we therefore condemned in the strongest term possible the mockery ceremony.

Leaders stand for the unity and integration of the people they represent no matter how serious the opposing forces and frictions maybe. Today, the leadership of South Sudan students’ Association in Kenya would like to pass the happy regards and wish those who subscribe to Christianity a happy Palm Sunday.

Signed by the incumbent leadership.


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