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Suzanne Jambo resigns from the Red Card Movement.



South Sudanese first female presidential candidate Suzanne Jambo has abruptly resigned from the Red Card Movement (RCM) ,Four days before the final mega protest kicks off in the capital Juba, This comes after some brief disagreements within the membership goals. Suzanne took it to her social medial to announce the resignation as follows.

“I hereby write to remove myself from the Red Card Movement. I honestly wish you all the best in the Red Card Movement. I do not wish to be wasting time squabbling over the obvious such as our collective agreement to remove all status quo and paving way for real change, South Sudan has real challenges out there—bad leadership in all divides, in government and in opposition.

Kiir Must Go! Represents and symbolizes all bad killer and corrupt leaders in all divides who should one day be held accountable for their wrongs. However my colleagues in Red Card Movement are insistent that we only mention Kiir Must Go alone: as a woman leader I do not agree that one individual Kiir must go, RATEHR ALL BAD CORRUPT KILLER LEADERS MUST GO in government and other armed and political divides! Unless the Red Card Movement accepts all these, I can not be part of the Red Card Movement!

I, Suzanne Jambo ready to be scrutinized over any crimes against our people: be it killings, corruption, tribalism or incompetence.

I do not wish for any innocent South Sudanese soul to be lost over any thing that is not genuine or authentic.

In addition, I do not have time to be wasted to convince fellow reformists along segregated or favored lines. There’s no and can not be any exemption of any wrong doing by anyone. Killings, corruption and incompetence is prevalent across the divides. In addition, I’ve repeatedly said before: without genuine desire to make real change, we will not go far. I’m not here to revenge against any individual or community.

I honestly wish you all the best.

Please no one should bother to re-Instate me again. Thank you all.

From today 11th May I cease to be part of the Red Card Movement due to our inability to agree on what the real objectives are as above stated.

Most sincerely,
Sis Suzanne Jambo

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