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Poem: The beautiful South Sudan with no care, by South Sudanese Engineering Student in Egypt.



I have enormous tracts of land and vast volumes of water, but I spent billion of dollars in importing food commodities
I have millions of cows but have no milk
I drive the best cars in the world but have no roads,
so I crush my best brains in the caverns and

My school has no teacher and my classroom has no roof

I take lectures through windows and live with 15 others in one room.
All my professors have gone abroad, and the rest are awaiting visas.
I am a university graduate, but I am illiterate.
Preventable diseases send me to hospitals without doctors, medicines or power.
All the nurses have gone abroad and the rest are waiting to go also.
I have the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world;
and future generations are dying before me.

I am hopeless, hapless and helpless.
When I dared to speak out, silence was enthroned by bullets.
My leaders are my oppressors, and my policemen are my terrors.
My youth have no past, present nor future.

My pen-wielding bandits have raided everything in my vaults.
They walk the land with haughty strides and fly the skies with private planes
They have looted the future of generations unborn;
I can produce anything, but import everything.

So my toothpick is made in China; my toothpaste is made in Kenya
my salt is made in Uganda; my butter is made in Ethiopia
my milk is made in Dubai; my shoe is made in Egypt

my vegetable oil is made in South Africa
my chocolate is made in Rwanda and my bottle of water in China or Japan.
My land is almost dead because all the trees have been cut down by foreigners to burned as charcoal and illegal exported to Dubai.

My very existence is uncertain and I am in the deepest depths of despondence
I have genuine leather but choose to eat it.
So I spend billions of dollars to import fake leather.
I have no refineries although I could be potentially the largest producer of oil in the region so prefer to import fuel,
Therefore, I waste more billions to import petrol.

I have no security in my country, no national army because all the soldiers have been divided by the tribal politician based on the ethnicity.
I have no dam although, I am located along the longest river in the world and subsequently

I got no pure water to drink, no electricity
I have brilliant politician whose vision is to plan how to cling to power or get power so they end up dividing people fight each other creating fertile ground for hatred and lawlessness.

I have a million candidates craving to enter universities,
but my dungeons can only accommodate a tenth.

I have no power,
I am shrouded by darkness.
I have million of my children scattered all over the globe looking for refugee status for I have failed to give them comforts promised during the last 39 years of war.

My rich cultural Diversity is being used to create senseless war.
I have bleed enough that I am almost losing consciousness but my caretakers seems not to Care.

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