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South Sudan Students’ Association in Kenya call up on the Youth of South Sudan not to Join the looming may 16th protest



Nairobi 12th May 12, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen
Over the last few days, the leadership of SSSAK headed by President Ayuel Taupiny Malek which is comprised of 99% active Youths/Students came across the proposed Demonstrations and picketing that was suggested by the so called RED CARD movement. This heinous propaganda has been and is still in public domain hitherto .For the purposes of clarity and making our voices count in the national matters, we opted to comment on the same. As students /youths in Kenya, we want to first and foremost make it clear that we support the peace agreement that was signed on 12th Sept 2018.It remains the best option for our people.
We also want to acknowledge the efforts put in place by TGoNU and parties to the agreement in ensuring that a common understanding is reached. By saying this, we insinuate our full support for the unanimous extension of time frame for formation of the Government of national unity by a period of Six Months. We believe this was done in good faith and within the spirit of cooperation.
As responsible Youths we are less pedantic with the time frame and fully concern about its implementation. Agreement is the meeting of the minds; therefore our minds are programmed to implement the already signed peace agreement instead of running around in support of the so called RED CARD MOVEMENT PROTESTS. We request the youths to close their ears to avoid getting enticed into this political menace.

At this time, we want to remind our fellow youths especially those in the Diaspora that the political wrangles among our leaders back home have been affecting us in a very direct and diversified manner. Many of us who are students have been forced to discontinue their prioritized courses because of the urgent financial crisis that have since emanated from the presence of this pandemic war of interests on our ground. It is even clearer that we are the ones who have been sponsoring these political opportunists with our own energies and strengths. In return, the fruits of what we tend to venture our energies into become sour. Therefore;

The youths should make a clear distinction between who has their agendas and who is looking forward to just use them. We should embrace that bad peace we have currently rather than a good war in which we know not the repercussions that may come with it. In a nutshell, these political sideshows are not healthy in our cohesiveness as a nation. We do not have to listen to any drumbeat that is sounding around our terrain. 16th May remains a noble day in the history of Sudan and South Sudan and shall never be use to destroy the country or building divisive lines but for the purposes of national integration. If there are people who are planning to welcome this big day with unnecessary chaos and pandemonium, then
We distinct ourselves from this group and confirm that the youths/students in Kenya are beings of reasonable rationale and therefore they cannot and will never be part of the unreasonable demonstrations and picketing that cannot add any value to the long awaited stability in our country. We must be given the latitude to peacefully celebrate our day. It is the right time our politicians realized that we are capable of identifying their ill intentions to destabilize the only chance we have to restore peace and National Cohesion in our Country.

In summary ladies and gentlemen, we want to assure the country that our university and college students will not partake in the suggested forthcoming demonstrations on 16th of May 2019 because we see nothing good with it. Any goal-free individuals who purport to represent the youths/students in Kenya are hired goons and desperate loiters who have nothing to lose. They should be ignored widely.
We also condemn the purported demonstrations and beseech our students to celebrate their big day in their usual ways. May God bless our Country, may God bless our people. Shalom.
Signed under my hand and sealed.
CC: – GOSS and parties to the agreement through the Embassy-Nairobi
-File of the secretary general of SSSAK

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