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Tonj Youths’ Union in Juba impeached Chairman and the Secretary General of the union



(Juba TV ) – 21 July 2019 , Tonj Youths’ Union in Juba impeached the Chairman and Secretary general of the union.

The reasons for impeachment of the chairman and Secretary general of the union are as follow;

• Creating of disunity among the youths of Tonj.
• Unfair distribution of delegates which leads to division in Tonj youths’ union
• Failure in resolving their differences with kaunythii youth association and 19 South youth union after several petitions which end up in dustbin.
• Running the youth union on the basis of friendship with his secretary general
• Allocating unapproved budget to Tonj youth union farm without the
knowledge and approval from the council.
• Boycott of summon from the council with his secretary general dated July 20, 2019
• Dictatorship and gross misconduct in the union.

According to Matthew Maker Aru Mayuot, the speaker of Tonj Youths’ Union in Juba, the impeachment came after two petitions address to the speaker of the union:

• On Monday 15 July 2019 kuanythii Youth association in juba (KYAJ) and Tonj south youth Union in juba (TOSYU) announced the withdrawal and suspension of their councilors including Lang Deng Maluil (KYAJ) and secretary general Dut Lual Anei (TOSYU) from Tonj Youths’ Union in Juba.

• On 18th of July 2019 the Speaker of the Union’s council summon the chairman and secretary general to come and explain their acts on date 20 July 2019 at Nyakuron cultural center and which was violated by both of them.

The council therefore sat again on Sunday July 21, 2019 and comes out with the following resolutions based on article (19) section (1)sub section h) of the constitution about vote of no confidence:

– Impeach chairman Mr. Lang Deng Maluil and secretary general Dut Lual Anei
– Endorse the deputy chairman Mr. John Garang Jok as an interim chairman of Tonj youths’ union for two weeks according article (30) section (2) of constitution of the union.
– The council rejected the withdrawal and suspension of Kuanythil and Tonj South councilors in the union activities.
– The council has requested the interim chairman to organize election in two weeks time as stipulated in the constitution of the union article (30) section (2).
– The council has directed the former chairman (Lang Deng Maluil) and the former secretary general (Dut Lual Anei) to Immediately handover the assets
of the union to the interim chairman (Mr. John Garang Jok ) such as, stamp headed papers, Money(liquid asset), constitution, fixed assets and any other assets belonging to the union. Failure to comply with this directives, it will be a
police case according to 21. July. 2015 constitution.
– The council approve the right of Kuanythii to have their one denied delegate to make two delegate in Bahr-el ghazal youth union.

Tonj Youths’Union in Juba was formed in 2015.

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