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Tonj State has been hit by flood leaving thousands of people homeless



(Juba TV) Juba South Sudan, 9th, Sept 2019 – The flood had destroyed more houses and displaced thousands of people to the none flood affected areas leaving the population in a dare needs of food, blankets, shelters and drugs .

Hence, the Tonj state government and it’s youth in juba asks the government and humanitarian agencies to help to provide food, non-food items and drugs to the affected population.

According to the report received by Juba TV reporter , the flood has caused numerous epidermic diseases to the cattle, sheep, goats and chickens which result to highly need of vets vaccination because of the related consequences that came with the floods.

The most affected areas by the flood includes ; manalor, Awul , pagol , Alabek , Marial-Lou , Akop, Warrap town, Rual-bet , Kiriik and Aliek of the former Tonj North county.

The youth of Tonj north during emergency meeting called on Tonj state government to declare a state of emergency in the areas affected by flood.

Meanwhile in the same news ,the youth / students association leaders of Tonj North in juba urges the community members in various places to organise an emergency fundraising program in order to help out the affected population by the flood.

Tonj State is one of the 28 states created in 2015 splitting from the defunct Warrap State.

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