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Kidney transplanted: Dominic Deng discharged



Photo of Dominic Deng in the hospital after his kidney successful transplant, Cairo Egypt

The kidney transplant of a medical student Dominic Deng Jiko went successful in Cairo Egypt.

According to Sponsorer of the medication, Achai Awet Alor (Achai Wiir) confirmed that the operation went successful and the sick is now discharged from the hospital.

“Today, I’m celebrating Dominic Deng’s ability to continue with his dream to become a medical doctor in the near future” – said Achai Wiir.

Achai had also Congratulates dear Dominic Deng Jiko for standing strong and still during his difficult times in the hospital filled with disappointments and at last, a huge smile. She also added that Deng is truly a strong young doctor living up to his dreams, and not giving up any case.

“We have never met before but I’m sure we shall someday, meet and share our experiences.
For now, enjoy your success in overcoming what is now past” – Achai encourages, Deng.

Henceforward, Achai gives praises to the highest God for his guidance and protection during the surgeon’s operation.

“Quick recovery and May God bless Mr. Dominic”- Achai added!

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