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Khartoum sentcend over 1000 South Sudanese to death



There are more than 1,000 South Sudanese inmates who have been sentenced to death in Sudan, a South Sudanese coordinator for the Refugee Council of Sudan has said.

Achol Malong Deng said the individuals charged under the Sudanese laws on crimes, have been jailed in different parts of the country.

Ms. Deng did not specify the prisons where those condemned are being held.

However, she said their execution is taking place, but without them getting any legal assistance and that their relatives are not informed before the execution.

“The situation of the South Sudanese prisoners in the prisons here in Sudan is really very bad and is going to worst. There is execution taking place for those who have been sentenced to death without anyone from their relatives of the offenders and victims.”

She said in most cases relatives are not notified before the execution take places.

“They always executing and taking the dead bodies to the morgue, and when the relatives of offenders visiting their relatives in the prisons there, they will just be surprised that this person was executed and the dead body is in the mortuary.”

Ms. Deng said there are a total of 1, 020 South Sudanese prisoners sentenced to death in Sudan.

“Right now we have one thousand and twenty South Sudanese prisoners in the Sudan prisons. We have a sixteen years old boy sentenced to death and later executed in El-Obeid prison.”

From his part, a South Sudanese religious leader, Marko Deng Manyual, who is doing charity work to help the prisoners, confirmed the situation.

“What am doing right here is helping those who have been sentenced to death because of the crimes. Am helping them till the relatives of the victims accept the fine and then also am working with the charity people to get the money and pay the fine.”

Juma Bol Reng, one of those sentenced to death in El-Huda prison in Omdurman said he has been in prison since 2011.

“I have stayed here for long here since 2011, and I was sentenced to death in 2013 and since that time no any complainer from the other side of the victim and only the government of Sudan is the one handling all the legal process.”

He said his relatives and the victim relatives are both in South Sudan.

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  1. Manyun

    September 8, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    One day all our people over the world will be respected….like USA touch but am powerless

  2. Sarah Pitty

    September 9, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    It is so absurd that the presumption of innocence is not being observed. That is unlawful. Am wondering wat the human rights defenders are doing. Our country should be of help and report such atrocities to the human rights defenders. Those accused people also have rights.

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