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A 22 year old was killed in Juba superb.



A 22-year-old man was killed and his father injured in Mangateen area in Juba on Friday.

Late Anyoun Majak’s aunt who preferred not to be named told Eye Radio this morning.

According to her, they were attacked by a group of armed men at their home on Friday at around 3:00 AM.

She said Majak, was shot dead from behind while struggling to remove a gun from one of the armed men.

The deceased was sleeping outside when he suddenly found himself at a gun-point.

“The incident occurred at 3 am when these people attacked us, they killed the boy and they shot his father. They were many and armed with heavy guns, one of them was knocking at my door. After they run away we came out, I found the father sustain injuries at his hand and the boy was dead.”

Aggowa Obeng, who is late Majak’s uncle calls on the government to ensure the individuals are arrested and brought to book.

“What I want from our government is to look for those who killed this boy. We want to see them because they killed an innocent. Let the government bring the culprits to book.”

According to the family members, they found a telephone belonging to one of the assailants on the ground after they had left.

When asked during a press conference on Saturday, the police inspector, Gen Majak Malou, did not comment on the matter.

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