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Large group of Elephants attack’s Torit resident



A large herd of elephants has stormed Pageri county in Torit state, destroying large acres of gardens and farmland.

The elephants from Nimule National Park also trampled over houses belonging to returnee families. Torit State Governor, Tobiolo Alberio Oromo says a team from the county department of Agriculture and Wildlife is conducting an assessment to establish the exact number of homes and gardens destroyed.

Last month elephants from Nimule park trampled over gardens in Opari Payam. Oromo visited the site of destruction in Pageri county and explains; “The elephants came out of the park and destroyed all the crops including Pawpaws and Mangoes and now they are threatening to push the houses from the center, all these communities gathered they don’t have even food I went myself and checked the farms they are completely destroyed”

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