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Man kills wife after daughter marries man without cows



A man in Tombek area in Terekeka has allegedly shot his wife dead after his daughter got married to a man who does not have cows.

According to a resident, the man who was drunk, went to his daughter’s matrimonial home on Monday night and got hold of her.

“A man shot his wife dead because his daughter got married to a man who has no cows. So he went there and got back his daughter when he was very drunk,” said a man who identified himself as Bosco.

He said the man then dragged her to his house and tried to shot her.

But before the man could pull the trigger, his wife jumped in front of him to protect their daughter but she was instead hit by the bullet.

Bosco said when they heard the gunshots, they rushed to the man’s house to find out what happened.

“He took off when people came to find out why there were gunshots. We tried to look for him the whole night and we did not sleep,” he added.

In some communities in South Sudan, owning cattle is seen as a sign of wealth and respect.

Many young men pay hundreds of heads of cattle as bride price.

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