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Singer MT7 critized Of copping wizkid



It’s been two  Days now since Dancehall artist MT Seven Agok dropped  his mega Official Music video for his most anticipated track “Wine Up” South Sudanese music lovers ain’t

Bobi Wine: S. Sudanese Youths Should Never Give Up

sleeping when it comes to rectifying their own artist, Fans pointed out that “MT7’s new track is very similar to wizkid songs starting from Voice and how he  flowed in the entire video plus the movements was a copy cut , some went ahead and compliment that the whole track is a Nigeria song  and our artist should stick to our lane and be original.

In South Sudan using a riff tone or someone’s else melody is same as robbing, stealing, ripping and thieving  it’s unequivocally wrong, in some parts of the Country thieves are roast down with a free tires and fuel so Junubin let’s stick to our own lane stop stealing.

Ooh and here comes The screen shot down here from the Youtube comments section of the video to squinch your thirst lmaooo



Source Credit: Should be bounced back to Jtv 

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