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In every Entertainment sector there must be high competition to determine who are the big fish and the small fish. In the recent years South Sudan Entertainers had Few grudges some went viral and few went unnoticed, But jtv crew members went back to our old files and pulled up with this 2 unforgettable diss and to flavor the souce we couldn’t keep off the latest beef in town and you know it The Rapper one Pound and Maniac it’s going down Baby!!!

3. Silver & WJ

Silver x and Wj beef was the hit of the year 2016 nobody knew the origin of the beef though fans of the two called it a fake one.

2. Queen Zee & Mary Boyoi

In South Sudan Entertainment field you can’t miss to hear the names of this great female artist of our time, though both have their uniqueness on how to market their product you know waramin? I said product. The two had been battling for the “First Lady” title till now we are not sure who should deserve that crown ?

1. Rapper One Pound & Moni Maniac 

The Fresh beef in Town is here Rapper one one Pound and Moni Maniac.  The two are battling for the small SSTYA glass…. for now we shall keep our mouth shut and continue in our nex upcoming article don’t miss this.

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