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The Morocco scholarship was started since 2012 between the Morocco international agency and the former director of internal and external training in the ministry of higher education Dr. Benjamin Apai where most of the students were not inform about Morocco IT IS AN ACADEMIC SUICIDE, SAID STUDENTS UNDER SCHOLARSHIP IN EGYPTscholarship and the way of the living. Most of the students were told to have free accommodations, free medical assurance and also have the course of your dreams but unfortunately all those promises turned out to be nightmare here in Morocco where most of the students were not given theirs courses of theirs dreams each years while renting, accommodations and foods are all provided by your parents. Furthermore, the accommodations, school documents research, medical assurance and attending international conference are all in hand of each of the students. Most of the students can not afford to rent, paying electricity bills, water and many more. Most of the students are forced to live in the streets while most of the females ladies end up forcing themselves to be use by the foreigners to have excess of living while following their dreams to make different in the future. Imagine that, you’re the one in theirs shoes, how will you feel ? I think that, it’s better for the government to stop Morocco scholarship where most of the students end up on the street while the government can not even paid one south Sudanese pounds to help theirs fellow children in this country. Most of the countries here in Morocco are the one paying theirs students to follow theirs dreams. we don’t have an embassy here in Morocco nor representative to solve the issues of the students. We form our union that stands with the students even though we are living like refugees in this country where we are denied by our country. All the students are suffering with the issues of passport, residents cards where most of the students end up in court due to the lack of the embassy here in Morocco. We always said, we never choose ours birth status either male or female, we never choose the country of our birth, we never choose ours parents, we never choose theirs status either rich or poor. We are really proud to be South Sudanese no matter what happen and It’s the duty of the government to stand up for theirs children in this country. In addition to that, we are appealing to the government to look in to the Morocco scholarship, most of the students since 2012 are not yet graduated due to the French course issues, each year the government use to send new students to study French course for period of six months while its not enough to help them succeed in theirs various universities. Most of the countries used to requests higher private professors to help theirs students during French course while we do not have an ambassador to look into the Students problems. We call upon the government to intervene and send delegates to Morocco and discuss on how we can live here or otherwise it’s important to cancel the scholarship. There are lots of cases of arresting students here in Morocco in various cities while no one really care about. In conclusion,We call upon the entire government, mostly the parliament, conseil of ministers, the ministry of higher education and foreign affairs to intervene otherwise, Morocco and South Sudan relationships will not be okay due to the crime that are going to be committed by the Students due to the failure of the government to help the students.

Our reporter with in an interview with  Rambang Tot Deng, added that , they have a lots of problems, which includ the followings;

1 : Renting is very expensive while most of students were renting Like me even today.
2 : The money that are given by Moroccan government after two months is 1500 dirham equivalents to 130 dollars compared to 1500 dirham per month concerning renting alone leave about water, food, book, and health assurance.
3 : I face lots of challenges to compare to my fellow brothers and sisters concerning issues of passport expiration, Residents card, registration in the university with different systems while they need the ambassador signature. There’s no embassy here nor representative to solve all those problems. We were under Egypt ambassador but he never even visit us to find all how we are living in this country. 4 : We are facing lots of difficulty in the first year French language course and that’s the reason why most of the students are still not graduated due to the lack of French foundation. Most countries higher private professors to help theirs students with basic French foundation compared to us without embassy to help new students get new professors to help them while they are following theirs French course with Moroccan international agency for cooperation.
6 : we had an Union that’s been sponsored by students themselves in order to unite us and facilitate the students problems. Imagine we are the one solving ours problems with the help of the government while most students can’t afford to pay themselves.

Said by: Rambang Tot Deng Beach

Masters of Law student

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