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“We expected the better response from the government officials especially the authorities concerned with the scholarship but to my surprise I got this response from one of the MPs who is said to be responsible for the scholarship was so shocking.
One would even say it was lunatic.
He said and I quoted “Students are facing such conditions because they are on partial scholarships.
The matter with the partial scholarship at the end may be the poor person may not be able to continue…We don’t have full scholarship up to now. There is no country providing full scholar to us,”
Chairperson of education committee at TNLA – Ahmed Mohamed.
I am not sure if he was the one saying it because I couldn’t imagine an MP talking irresponsibly like that especially when the matter is affecting majority of the citizens.
The main work of the MPs in the parliament is to be the voice for the voiceless, stating the truths without fear.
It is so discouraging that we have such Goons seated in the parliament. In my own opinion the guy is not qualified to be in that position because he doesn’t even have any information about those scholarship program.
Why would he lied to the public that the Egypt, Ethiopia and Morocco scholarship is a partial sponsorship when indeed the MoU that was signed entailed that there was stipents to be given by the Egyptian government 50$ equivalent and the government of South Sudan 150$.
It puzzle me why it is hard to support the students when the country is having million of dollars to squander take for example recently the Central Bank paid 50,000,000$ paid to certain company.
And 40000$ dollars that was paid to the MPs in the last two months and here is one of them saying that the poor can’t afford the partial scholarship meaning that the grant was suspended to allow only the the kids of the rich to benefit from this scholarship program.
We therefore condemn his response and urge all the sound minded individuals in the parliament to raise the complaint over this alarming issue” said a student in Egypt

While on the otherhand, Students in Morocco said, ” We have been here since 2012 while facing lots of difficulties that are as follows :

1 : Lack of an embassy here in Morocco which affected most of the every activities here in Morocco which includes passport, residents card, university registration, renting documents, signature of the documents and certificate of the university, traveling outside of Morocco, arresting of the students and many more.

2 : The Issues of accommodations where 99% of the students are renting which cost more than 200 dollars per month in Morocco compare to the situation in South Sudan. Most of the students are coming from third class citizens where they can not afford to pay for their renting, food, water, and many more while they are working to make South Sudan great.

3 : the Issues of the courses where most of the students were promise in South Sudan to have the courses of theirs dreams before coming to Morocco, where everything turns to be nightmare. Only few of the students are studying the courses of theirs dreams and all this contributed to the lack of the embassy here in Morocco to represent the interests of South Sudan students in the higher levels.

4 : those who are renting must be paid higher than those who not renting because, those who are suffering the most are those one renting, even to have something to eat is any issue.

5 : lack of financial support to union leadership to represent South Sudan amongst many foreign countries conferences here in Morocco that includes independent day, cultural day and international football competition in Morocco every year.

7 : lack of financial support that forced of the students to live like refugees while struggling with theirs studies in different universities.

8 : lack of sports materials that includes our National flags, football clothes that care South Sudan name both ladies and men.

9 : Issues of French course where most of the new students suffer the most due to the lack of financial money to higher private professors each year before joining their universities.

10 : lack of financial support to ours ladies to represent South Sudan amongst Africains ladies conference in Morocco and beyond Morocco among Northern Africa countries.

With all those conditions we the students in kingdom of Morocco need the National government of South Sudan ( Conseils of ministers) and the legislatures (Members of the parliament )to look in to ours conditions.
Base on the (article 55 sec:1 of South Sudan national constitutions) stated it clearly that, the members of the parliament shall represent the will of the people of South Sudan that includes the will to protect the rights of students who are suffering in foreign countries
Mostly Morocco, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Second to that, it’s the will of the National government to provide the education in all levels of the government that includes us those who are having scholarship under the government of South Sudan (Article 29,sec;1).
I believe that, the TNLA are the right people to solve the issues of this countries for good if they really need our country to have strong future leaders”.


Furthermore, students in Ethiopia , see no future , saying Ahmed Mohammed is heartless mammal.



We thanks the civil society in Juba for hearing our call most especially Wani Michael.


Juba TV : report

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mangar Lep Adhieu

    October 8, 2018 at 12:27 am

    If the MoU is no longer working between Egypt and South Sudan; why not quit this life-losing scholarship?

    Even partial scholarship needs supervision from concerned authority. It’s a great surprise when a government see parishing lives of students from the hands of outlaws, from hunger, mistreatment and burglary. It has been happening for a decades, and no step has been taken.

    We had very many students who lost their lives in hands of those outlaws whom UNHCR claims to be responsible for.
    Our government is not safeguarding our lives.
    If every year 250 students are sent to zone of no supervision, then,let’s us stay without education.

    We are also not given certain courses, such as medicine. Repetition of classes is 90%. And no one ask why. We are sheep sent to the bush without Shepherd and uncountable number dropped-outs.

    Why did our choose silence and wastage over advantages and loss?

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