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Benjamin Bent Akot (Semi J original) born on 16/5/1992 is the South sudanese singer, composer and songs writer.
The singer is senior three students who got inspired by music since his young age till 2009 when he spited one of the provincial song “Julia I need you” which caught airwaves in the whole Bahr El Ghazal region.

Semi J original is the founder & CEO of New Life Born Talented Empire (NBTE) , the musical group is active group of 5 members with the vision of taking the country’s music for good consumption and nationalism building within the citizens hearts. He has many songs like African queen, Believe in you, and many other songs.

According to Juba TV agent’s interview the singer went on saying that he got no inspiration in any musician’s music but the industry itself caught his attention and he vowed to make it to the desired level of the music’s world lovers.

In his music career, the New Life Born Talented Empire’s president made a collaboration with artistes like X-wine, Peter K, Big Size, and princess Mary.

With an inclusive phone call with our staff, Semi J original traced out that our country’s music is 50/50 so it need more efforts from our brothers and sisters in the game by creating the beats that meet the interests of our people, by producing quality songs and quality videos.

Progressively, The singer encourage the musicians across the country to take courage and move on with the industry makeup even though we are not gaining anything out of our music and we should appreciates the little promotions companies in Towns who are doing good in trying their best to makes losses on us and our shows. Said J original.

My message to south Sudanese & my fans is to keep supporting our talent such that we show more love to our music like the way other countries support their country’s music.

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