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Juba TV in an inclusive interview with BulBul the South Sudanese Music legend all the way from Kenya on a phone call

-Yeah young man welcome on board , can you tell us your name ,when were you born and in which place?

Yeah , thanks you very much Juba TV , I am by name Lul Tuach Dojiok  a.k.a LTD Bulbul, and BulBul Nyachuate that are my nickname, or you can just called musically LTD BulBul, I was born on 23/04/1987 in Gambella Ethiopia.

-Brother Bul Bul can you tell us your Education Background?

Yeah of course I am   a Bachelor Degree holder in Psychology


-When did you start your music?

I started making music since 2002 but started recording in 2009

– yeah thanks so much, BulBul who inspired you into music industry?

My uncle Koat Bol inspired me at a young age and  the Nigerian Duos group P Square also inspires me with their wonderful voices

-What was/were your first song(s)?

“Baby wanna be with you” was the first song I recorded in 2009


-What is the name of your entertainment crew ?

My entertainment crew is called GGA (the Good Guys Association) formed in 2009


-Well, Can you tell us who  collaborated with you in your music journey?

I’ve collaborated with Paul B, YD, Tai D, Sarah Yong, Wu Mic, Mha Chang, Pinky C, and Songo who are Southern Sudanese, I’ve also collaborated with Ethiopian artists like Tomy and Gildo Kassa.


What is your occupation apart from music?

I am a counselor by profession


-How is the music industry of South Sudan currently? Is it going good or bad?

The music in South Sudan is ok, the reason I say is ok is that, we have a lot of work to be done. We need to raise the bar higher. We need to establish a copyright license because we have numerous of artists who can not excel due to their music not selling and supported.


-What are the challenges facing you in your music currently?

Well, Some of the challenges as a South Sudanese artist I face are lack of finding unbiased promoters, and also the copyright of music is something that needs to be established our music need selling.


-How do you encourage south sudanese Artistes in taking South Sudan music to international level?

I encourage South Sudanese musicians to raise the bar, we need to make it a mission to collaborate with different artists from West Africa, Eastern African, Europe, Australia, Canada and United States. When we set the bar high, it motivates us to do better.


-what is your message to South Sudanese and your fans?

My message is that , let’s support our own artistes, we sometimes leave our own artist and support artists from another countries. It’s good to support them but let’s show loyalty to our artists and build them up. To my fans, I want you all to know that you guys are my motivation, I do this for all of you guys and I appreciate each and everyone of you.

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