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South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has expressed his concern about South Sudanese musicians` hygiene. The message reached our table this morning from a very trusted source.

In a press held yesterday in Juba, the President strongly suggested that leaders should try advising musicians in their states and those living in neighboring countries to work on their hygiene as they appear like street urchins on social media and real life.

According to the report, Kiir said South Sudanese musicians don`t look after themselves. His first argument put it that Junubin musicians exchange clothes which he thinks is totally unhygienic.

However he praised female musicians although he suggests they should not wear the same wig over and over for a long period of time.

The source said that his message is mainly directed to male musicians who he thinks they barely take shower based on their appearance on social media.

The president thinks a lot of them look so dirty and dress like homeless and yet claim to be public figures. In his view, he believes public figures should look appealing to the public.

A couple of his colleagues agreed and promised to summon musicians in their states and let them have a small talk about their hygiene with their representatives.


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