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Tons of musicians fail to get record deals because they build careers based on myths about the music industry and some feel themselves “oh yeah mafi zol ze ana fi South Sudan, Some end up creating other xtra names such as “King Of ngoth!! Ngoth!! My friend this name will only make you famous in your Bakana (Toilet) Hey upcoming fananin Don’t make their same mistakes.

Rapper One Pound and Mizaya Emmy attacks DJ Cent during….

Educate yourself about the music business and focus on building personal value to offer to music companies before I drop my 3 sence here please after you get a chance to hit through a single track aku tai with your first hard earned money please don’t get yourself into drugs etc “Bongo, Merisa, but atleast get into Ladies relationship and have fun mmmmh I know that’s your favorite part in this article same here girls are every men things same as me ok let’s get this done now.

Here are 3 mistakes most South Sudanese  musicians make that keep them from getting record deals (and what to do instead):


They Only focus on their musical skills and song writing.

6 Foot drops latest collabo with MC Sharon.

It’s a mistake to spend all of your time practicing your musical skills and songwriting when you want to grow a music career and please stop this copy copy things or trying to sing like other well known artist eg Wizkid Of Nigeria or Vybz Cartel from Jamaica this will never take you anywhere . These elements are important, but record companies look for actual business value in musicians they work with. They can find good musicians anywhere… what they want is someone who has the total package of: musical skills, business mindset and other skills beyond raw musical abilities.

Set aside time each week to learn about how the music industry works. Find a mentor who shows you what to work on to make yourself a valuable asset for any music company and most of be a down to heart artist don’t ignore any opportunity that comes your way or else your career might fall down and crush like some of our well known hit makers in the back years who are now in the ICU.


Their Mindset is in Direct Conflict With Record Companies Goals.

Junubin musicians think that record companies are out to “screw” musicians and otherwise condemn capitalism, businesses and money. Companies can smell this mindset form a mile away and never work with such musicians. Musicians who become successful understand that music is a business. They do not believe there is anything wrong with earning a living doing with music and are glad to work with others in the industry so that everyone prospers. These musicians seek to add value for others in order to get value back. Everyone wins.

Focus on becoming a musician who offers tons of value to other people in this business. Develop a win/win mindset by making sure there is “something in it” for any company who might want to work with you. One way to offer value is to build up a list of fans who you can easily contact. The bigger the list, the greater your perceived value in the eyes of a record company.


They have to many risk about them.

When the following things are unknown, it makes you a risk for any music company: your work ethic, loyalty, win/win thinking, track record of previous successes or relationships with other people/companies in music. Record companies are reluctant to work with musicians when they don’t have this information.

Seek out ways to demonstrate your value in these areas to help companies understand that working with you is a worthwhile endeavor.

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