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A form three student from Loreto Girls Secondary School in Rumbek has escaped a force marriage which she had no idea of and had no consent to the so called marriage which was well organized behind her back.

Mr. Mangong Luka paid the parents of Athiei a total of (90) Ninety cows. The cows after being received by Athiei parents automatically makes Athiei the wife of Mr. Mangong Luka.
Athiei further added that she told her parents to be patient when it comes to marriage since she had only one dream to complete her education first then the issue of the marriage will come later.

She further advises her fellow girls and the South Sudanese girls to always seek help from the government when faced with similar issue like the one she just underwent. She believes education is the key.
Forced marriage has been an issue in South Sudan, girls are being forced at an earlier age of about 13 for marriage which is very wrong. We should always allow our girls to go to school and then they should choose a man of their choice to marry.

According UNICEF report around 52% of girls in South Sudan marriage before the age of 18. This begs the question to why are our girls being marriage off at such an earlier and tender age instead of investing in their education.

South Sudan is the 4th leading when it comes to forced marriage, a research was done by the and found the top three in forced marriage are Somalia, Mozambique and Guinea.

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