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Dj. Cent has asked The Government of South Sudan to take an active role in the fight against drug abuse. This come shortly after a group of women in Juba, has threatened to strip naked to protest against drug abuse in the region.

The top musician said on a radio interview that drug addiction should be checked through concerted efforts.”The government has been fighting the influx of hard drugs into the country but a lot need to be done” noted the artist.

The famous ‘Sika Oil’ artist also dismissed the allegations that he is a drug addict.He bitterly resented the allegations and described the claims as baseless and a calculated attempt to damage his reputation.

The young master admitted that quite a good number of local artists experiment with drugs.He cautioned the local artists that drug abuse have lifetime consequences on their lives some which are irreversible.

Dj. Cent advised the local musicians to serve as good role models to the society and further urged South Sudan fraternity to support the local talent “let us dance to our music and not Kwangwaru and Tetema” said the artist. He noted the locals’ failure to support homegrown talent is the greatest challenge that impedes the growth and development of music industry in South Sudan.

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