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South Sudan Voted Number 6 with most Ugliest Women in East Africa.



In a study done by Esquire, top notch fashion media house, East African women were ranked in the order of beauty.

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, DRC, Burundi and South Sudan were the countries that were ranked. Over 10,000 people were sampled across these nations with extra opinions from men and women across the continent.

Top on the list were Burundi women. Rwanda women came in second while Uganda came in third position. As expected, Kenyan women trailed in the league.

According to Esquire, “it was a combination of many things, fashion, height, body shape, personalities, all these things were considered to select the best women.”

This is how the league table of East African beauty stood:

1. Burundi (85+ points)
2. Rwanda (79+ points)
3. Uganda (67+ points)
4. DRC (66+ points)
5. Tanzania (60+ points)
6. South Sudan (60+ points)
7. Kenya (45+ points)



Additional Reporting: Esquire Worldwide Beauty 2019 Survey


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