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Kanya Di Lion: John Frog is not a Musician but a Mere Comedian.



The local showbiz is full of cold war, and things are no longer at ease for the Junubin artists whose hits receive more airplay. They are fire-shot with messy antics by the musicians who claim to be on the top of the game.
Saints are becoming villains as is evident with Kanya Di Lion latest diss to John Frog. Kanya who is famed for his hit ‘Aku Bito’ went on social media and claimed that John Frog is just but a mere comedian. He added that Guondo Sakit jam only hit by mistake.

The celebrated john frog, who most recently vowed not to entertain any online feud that is meant to disparage or dethrone him, has clapback by bitterly resenting the crap. He sarcastically argued that he is willing to send Kanya’s songs to anyone on a condition that he will not be held accountable for damaging their ears.

As this cat and mouse kind of game dominates in South Sudan showbiz, Vana Kaku has argued local artists to support and promote each other.” no one can deny that Guondo Sakit jam has received a mass welcome both in local scene and international arena” commented Vana on Kanya’s controversial post. Vana Kaku, a Canadian based South Sudanese artist, regretted that some local artists are feeling threatened since the folk has stolen the limelight from them.

She urged the local artists to appreciate the fact that they are from different backgrounds so their ideologies kind of clash.


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