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South Sudan’s very own Kickboxing star Lofogo Sarour is at the start of what you could call a bright career. The talented kickboxer has won many fights and collected many prizes doing so. Nevertheless, he received what he himself calls his most valuable and important trophy when he visited his home country South Sudan back in October 2018, namely the love and appreciation of his fellow countrymen.

The kickboxer has certainly left an impression, from the local baker to court officials and from senior officials to politicians. Lofogo got acquainted with kickboxing head-coach Puro Okelo Obob, where he trained alongside his pupils during his stay. The talented kickbokser was even honored to share some words with our Vice President Taban Deng Gai during a boxing event who spoke of pride and called him the bright star of our young nation.

The 26 year old kickboxer really paved his way an has become to what he is now, an internationally known professional kickbokser who is fighting all over the world for the biggest organizations in countries like the United States, Russia and China

Born and raised in The Hague (The Netherlands) with South Sudanese roots, he is a man with a mission in and outside of the ring. Ever since his debut as a professional fighter he has proudly been bearing the flag of South Sudan. Because of his representation, the talented kickbokser has made southern sudan count among the larger fighting-organisations and is acknowledged to be South Sudan’s first representative in the sport of kickboxing.

At the moment lofogo is busy with his preparations for his upcoming fight but he is planning to visit the country in July where he shall give kickboxing clinics alongside head coach Puro Okelo Obob.

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