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A Rat Broke Into an ATM, Ate $18,000 worth of cash, and Died.



The world is quite a strange and crazy place in which numerous unimaginable things occur on a daily basis for every one of us who lives in it.

Every day, we see or hear something which becomes a good or bad story that we choose to remember or forget.

This is a story that comes from India. No, it is not a story you expected to read, such as a story connected with yoga, saints or wisdom.

It is a story about an ATM that had a special guest for a while: a rat.

This happened in Tinsukia, Assam, a city in North-East India.

In this world in which people are at the throats of one another for money and simply money, a ridiculously small rat succeeded to evade the security, entered the ATM, then invade it and in the end chew almost $18k.

This rat chewed almost 12 lakh rupees, and the ATM was not functioning, impeding customers and bank technicians to withdraw money. This machine was the best subject of different technology companies because it was not dispensing money for 12 or more days.

The thing about such small towns in India like this one is that although the government tried to digitalized transactions and money, cash remains the fundamental thing in their economy.

After the opening of the machine, the people had the ability to see the shredded confetti of notes.

One single adjective which brings justice to the entire scene is poetic, or also fable-esquire – a statement about the condition of humans in this world, which is overloaded with greed, as well as chasing money in the rat-race which we call life.

The rat that entered the ATM and chewed all those money died inside it, after all that he did. When its body was taken out, it was half-withered.

The moral message and lesson for you would be to not run after money and use it where it is not needed.



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