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22 year old law student in Egypt: marry Irene Toss or Quit to marry



Image of Irene Toss from 'believe' video

22 year old law student vows to marry Irene Toss or Quit to marry if Irene refuses to marry him.

A South Sudanese Law students in Egypt who is known to be Clement a.k.a Senator Clement Bey on Facebook says, His heart beats for Irene Toss and that he don’t want to miss a chance of marrying her.

17 year old Irene Toss is a South Sudanese youngest female artiste and a singer of one of the best 2019 song “I believe” ft Nigerian Musician Tony 2 dope. She featured in muze Radio tribute song with South Sudan music stars in 2018 and many more songs of her own.

“Amira Martin whose music fans called Irene Toss is a cute, Talented and humble young girl with a bright future. Her Melody voice shake my butts when I hear her singing in an eagle’s melody voice. And exactly she is a kind of a girl that an ambitious Young Man like me want to be with” said Clement.

In 2018 Irene Toss started Music with a great commitment that made her gain popular in no time because of her untouchable Melody voice. Many music lovers across the country are optimistic that she might be the next best South Sudanese female artiste of the year in the near future.

“Actually, I am not on date with Irene Toss but I used to talks with her when she was not a Musician in 2 years back, but few days before I left the country for my studies; I told her about my feeling for her and we haven’t reach a consensual stage because of time, and I hope when I get back to the country I will remind her since we are not in contact now” he added.

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