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Special speech by South Sudan’s former minister of Education Amel Abun.



South Sudan’s former minister of Education Amel Abun took to her social Media platform to express her opinion that if only Junubin could stop this mentality of thinking that a president should come from a specific tribe or region then our Country could be the fastest growing nation.

According to what she posted  “idea of south Sudanese keep saying leaders should come from Small tribe or big tribe must change. Let me tell you all. A President can come from  any tribe in SS but are we going to look into his/her Tribe where they come from. Big No. First we need to look at them as south Sudanese,second look into their visions and 3 look into their party a leader can come from any tribe within SS but does it mean it’s because he/ she  is from that tribe that’s why he/ she became a president ofcourse No it’s her / his party brought them up.

Know that every tribe has good people and bad people if you SS are looking on tribe instead of Party You aren’t moving anywhere I swear we need a leader who love all south Sudanese not only her/ his tribe this time in SS .


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