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John Frog made Guondo Sakit remix with Tanzanians Musician Harmonize.



According to Promota Kay Two the director of K2 Promotions & Events Co.Ltd , the remix will be released together with video in this week.

John Frog emerged as the first South Sudanese Artist to make a collaboration network with Wasafi’s singer Harmonize in the history of South Sudan music.

Musician John Frog went missing in Kampala Uganda

Speaking to Juba TV John Frog said They are mixing the song now in the Asylum record , when they finish it I will send it to you .

As for many South Sudanese , John Frog is the newest musician who emerged from nowhere with Guondo sakit single which captured the youth and the music lovers mind with his lyrics in Arabic Juba.

Singer John Frog Found In Jinja

“Asa John Frog de, guna to de wo kalagu kef? Walai jek de barufu music adil kide” , said a fan.

Stay tune for the release of Guondo Sakit remix.

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