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I am not your Level Silver X hits back at McLumoex and Irine Toss.



South Sudan’s self brand Ustaz ta Dunia Silver X hit hard at his competitors McLumoex and Irine Toss for involving themselves on a deal that doesn’t concern them and this is what he posted on his Facebook handle  “Can someone come here and explain To This Republican that this Battle is Not his Level yajamaaaaaaaa
Mclumoex Aku you better be Really really Very very scared and afraid Your level Art and Music Talent is Below the 50% of a true Artist.

But what has made u very special in this industry is one thing The absolute Love for Music , the hard work and u as a unifying Act of love and peace amongst the youth back to reality I hope u still have some courage left in you and stamina to push the remaining days. for Irine Toss Promota Willy Don’t be excited coz the money comes from your boss No no no no the truth be said this kind of Challenge is not for u.

You are still a baby but one of the most most Talented I have ever seen in this generation with a big courage and a bright future in this Music Bizz.

I have seen u record you are supper amazing but dnt be too excited instead you better find your self John Frog-Ta South Sudan and those other small small boys and girls with one Juba hits and School (Teach) them up because I will be ur coach. BUT serious Warning Never under estimate John frog the Gundo sakit Village star. the guy has one supper hit infact it should be named song of the year 2019 I have said it and that’s final.

if you want the Throne Come get it by Challenging The legendary SilverX de Music Machine and Ustaz Ta Dunia.
I am 3 great different Artists in one Soul and body.
for my beautiful People south Sudan inside and outside I love u and am proud of your constant love and support. to the media take this serious I mean it all.

What do you think of that drop your comments below.

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