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McLumoex: Guondo Sakit is not a song.



Kilkula Ana CEO and Musician McLumoex seems to be shifting gears from the “10 songs Challenge” to the Guondo Camp.

The “Binia Pojulu” hit maker is dissing the South Sudanese King Of Guondo Sakit John Frog that his hit song “Guondo Sakit” is just a comedy not a real song and he added that Citizens should stop promoting search kind of music and instead they should focus on supporting them with the Real Talent.

This is what he posted on his Facebook page

” Is Gwondo sakit a song or comedy lines?? South Sudan can take many yes to grow because the real citizens are dodging real musicians and avoiding the real music.Innocently Harmonize thought he can bring up gondo boy yes the song is already up there lakin ashan the owner will reach up de mushkila kikiki ashan john frog de zatu gondo sakit. To be honest comedy songs hit international scenes so fast…Challenging 10 songs idea is suicidal coz this idea is full of art and it is the one that neutralize the talk of guondo remix by harmonize it only takes intelligent artists shutdown the talk of town many have brought something else to silence 10 songs challenge but it is still not easy it might run to the end of december, it is an idea full of art and very catchy, Froggy as a person is one of the humble dudes i associate with down to earth but when he is challenging a deserved idea saying it is local coz he is already international my broda think thrice. You handle harmonize well coz his youtube is making hell of cash out of the song and you are still here yah sabi.


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