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Under scholarship students in Egypt says their scholarship positions are being sold to Private students for $ 500 by Cultural attache office



South Sudanese Students in Egypt accuses South Sudan Embassy in Cairo of denying them access to follow up their process at the office of Cultural Attache.

Speaking to Juba TV reporter , Mr. Garang , the newly admitted student in Egypt under Government partial scholarship in Egypt says that, their names with other 30 students who went to Cairo one week ago have been removed from scholarship list by the Culture Attache staff mounting that they came late and that they are not eligible for scholarship accessibility again”.

The students also accuses the office of Cultural Attache of selling scholarship positions to private students for $ 500 which led to the erasing of the other Students’names from the list.

“We came four days ago from Juba, we were like 29 plus me, when we take off from Juba , we first check our names from ministry of higher Education in Juba and found that everything is correct – our names were all there ; what only left was to come to Egypt and follow up our process and join classes because all the universities in Egypt have been opened since 22 of September. When we came to the embassy we found cultural Attache Secretary not in the embassy, that he left for his friend’s wedding in Khartoum. We only found his deputy who only surprised us that we came late and our names are not longer in scholarship , imagine 30 of us and big number of the students who have been accepted for scholarship have not yet arrives”- Garang said.

“The South Sudan Embassy in Egypt has put much restrictions for the students who are studying in Egypt to access the embassy, I don’t know what is going wrong, last year was good but now, they locks us outside the gate in a shinny hot sun for 4 hours , and if we talk they keeps telling us this and that, we are pissed off and we hate the way they are treating us. We will not tolerate their nonstop mistreatment otherwise we will close down the embassy ” – said one of the third year student in Ain Shams University.

Last month , embassy almost get closed down by the students who are asking for the $ 1.4 million which as approved by the Cabinets to rescue the students studying abroad.

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