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Miss Yirol 2019, Ayen Dhieu wins cows instead of money



Ayen Dhieu was crowned Miss Yirol 2019 during a contest which was attended by 1800 people at MB Zone Yirol.

19-year-old Miss Yirol, Ayen Dhieu went home very proud of smartphone, cows and box of cash.

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Ayen expressed to assist the youngsters with whatever she wins. “I will confirm to assist the youngsters who don’t have anything to eat and that I want to be motivator to young girls” she said.

Miss Yirol also stand with young girls and discourages arrange marriage saying it ends way forward for young girls.

Last year, 23 years old Nyalong from Yirol was married, 500 cows, 10 cars and $10,000 was paid as dowries.

Source: Jieeng Yirol


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