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Konyokonyo market is the biggest market in S.Sudan




Konyokonyo is the biggest and busiest market in Juba and South Sudan -with the statistics of, 3,000 shops both built and iron shed erected shops.

It lies at the southern part of medina Juba, with its locality at the western bank of the White Nile [probably 950 Meters off from the Nile waters] southeast down-going.

It stretched along the left roadside showing up from Uganda – Nimule – gumbo – sherikat – juba bridge boulevard heading to Juba town, to the northeast and custom-malakia market [s] to the northwest of its compasses -And when you deeply point to the south of it, you will not miss locating Islamic University of South Sudan, Mahad Secondary School, Sheikh Hamadan Secondary school and Nilepet oil & petrol station.

And when you also peek to the North of it, you can see Agricultural Bank of South Sudan [branch], Kush commercial Bank, South Sudan Ministry of higher education, and Stanford University next to Malakia Equatoria tower and finally at it center is the old Park – relocated to the north side of it on the way going to Juba town near Juba City council headquarters.

Specifying all these kinds of business and its sources of financial subsidy to the local government and city council financial revenue, Konyokonyo market at it -southern part is Vegetable firms, that subsidize more than 45% of the whole market taxes going to the city council finances, -while at the northward are the foreign and native shops (mostly Darfurians, and Amina Akasha food stock company premises), contributing 38% of the whole market taxes to the city council monetary office, and -to the west and the eastern parts are accessories shops and restaurants, giving 17% of the market contribution to the city council financial authority income. This means of all taxes compiled on goods and premises, the Konyokonyo market alone contributes 40% of the city council’s financial revenues.

Konyokonyo market provide 78% of (non)/foodstuffs consume per a day [whole of Juba] in respect of other markets like Custom, Gudele (1) and (2), Suk malisha, Suk Juba, Rock city market, Mia saba (107), Malakia and, Suk Jebel -in Juba not forgetting Gumbo & sherikat.

more than 90% of businesswomen sell their goods in Konyokonyo unlike other markets, which means the Konyokonyo market is 80% life serving market in Juba and South Sudan at large -to most of the struggling families.

Other stores at the centre and the north of Konyokonyo – Malakia road includes : butcher’s, chemist shop, computer store, gift shop, toy store, clothes shop, shoe store, sports goods, bakery, department store, mall, jewelry, petshop, ticket shop, beauty shop, sweets, wine sho, , liquor store, bookstore, florist’s, furniture store, photoshop, hardware store, kiosk or supermarket.

The market of Konyokonyo subsists since the old Sudan days till 2011 when the south separated from the North and the market took the first position [from the former Suk Omdurman] as the leading market in South Sudan. At its stands, KonyoKonyo is the only vegetable stock market ranking the top green vegetables seller location in Juba, South Sudan both in Dry and wet season.

Source ©Senator Clement Bey

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