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King Shaka” Sarour Spreading Kickboxing To South Sudan



International kickboxing standout Lofogo “King Shaka” Sarour is taking the sport of kickboxing back to his homeland of South Sudan.

Sarour, who has competed for top Dutch and international promotions such as Enfusion, the World Fighting League, and ACB KB, is promoting an event on 8 February in the nation’s capital of Juba.

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“Triumph of the Nation” will feature the country’s top fighters. Six super fights are scheduled.

“What (made) me decide to organize a national kickboxing tournament has several reasons,” Sarour wrote in an email to Kickboxing Z.

“This event is set up with the intention of being a platform for young South Sudanese to build and grow on a social level.”

“Build on their self-esteem through the sport in the form of a kickboxing tournament, and to uncover the psychological added value that the sport carries and bring that exposed information into practice.”

After years of fighting for freedom, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011. Tranquility was short-lived. A new civil war began in 2013 and lasted until 2018, when a new peace agreement was signed.

Sorour, who was born in the Netherlands but retains close ties with his South Sudanese roots, attended the last peace ceremony. He believes Triumph of the Nation will assist in the reconciliation process.

“It’s a proven fact that sport unifies,” he said.

“In addition (to) being a unifier, this event has also been designed to be a huge showcase, which shall create a big oil spill of solidarity, pride, sportsmanship and exemplary functions for the youth in a motivating way.”

Critics can point out that using a sport in which participants are often knocked out or otherwise injured to help reconcile a nation haunted by violence is contradictory. Sarour understands the skepticism.

“Seeing it from their point of view-the idea of using a contact sport as a tool to create unity and togetherness in a country that is in some parts still afflicted by violence is kind of mad, and I don’t blame them,” he said.

“But, I speak out of my own experience as a professional kickboxer and former therapeutic assistant that kickboxing as a whole is much more than just handing out kicks and punches.”

“Quite the contrary, and I am firmly convinced that many others who practice a certain discipline in martial arts will confirm this.”

“For this event I join forces with the Embassy of The Netherlands in South Sudan, War Child and The Danish Refugee Council. I am very pleased with the fact (that) participating parties share the same acclaimed feeling.”

“A collaboration with such organisations is of course unique. I also feel very much supported by their enthusiasm for this initiative and I certainly look forward to future collaboration.”

When asked if Triumph of The Nation is a one-time event or if he’s planning additional shows, a proud Sorour couldn’t help but mention he sees a lot of developing talent in the country.

“For me to arrange future shows will depend on the success of Triumph of the Nation ha ha,” he joked.

“No just kidding, we have a lot of rough diamonds in our midst, and it’s time for them to be exposed!”

“ A platform like this will give the youth the opportunity to showcase their talent for a greater public and without even realizing it, they all will become exemplary individuals.”

“I am noticing that the kickboxing scene in South Sudan is starting to elaborate, and I am very happy with this matter.”

“Did you know that we already have two large scale training centers in our midst? One is located in the capital city Juba, the other one is located in Bentiu, and believe me when I say that there are some serious talents over there.”

“I am highly convinced that Triumph of the Nation will be successful, and that a sequel will certainly follow.”

And what about Sarour’s own career? It’s been a while since “King Shaka” has entertained fans in the ring.

“I can’t say much about it yet, except that very exciting things are on their way. So stay tuned!!”

Lofogo Sarour

Lofogo “King Shaka” Sarour makes his ring entrance. Photo credit:


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