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Nyadol W. Nyuon Bany: Our artists should compose songs about girls’ achievements than shake your body, move your body songs



I worry seeing young south Sudanese girls acts as if their only worth is beauty. They have so much more to give the world. Our most successful people are models and sportspeople (there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). Most of our musicians sing about sexy and beautiful (there is also nothing wrong with this). But all this is sending a skewed message to young girls. We need to celebrate a diversity of achievement and show young women that being a critical thinker is a path to greatness and is absolutely cool.

So to our musicians, instead of your next song being like every other song (women shaking their bodies over you are “beautiful” and I want to “marry you” lyrics) please compose a song about one of our young girls in African topping their class. Sing about African women who won the Nobel Peace Prize. Give us something to shake our brains too and not just our bodies.

Please note I have nothing against sport or modeling, I’ll support my child if that is what they want to do. What I am hoping for is a community where children can see many forms of successes, not just a narrow view. White children see success in the form of presidents, judges, lawyers, doctors, businessmen and women and many more. Our children saw a very limited range of success. It is that we need to change.

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