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Prepare for all-out war,’ Yau Yau warns Lou Nuer



The former Chief Administrator of the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, David Yau has been furious at the ongoing attacks carried out on his community by hundreds of armed men predominantly from the Lou Nuer and Dinka community and warned of all-out war if the violence is not contained.

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“Obviously they [attackers] are being ordered to wipe the Murle off the face of the earth. But the Murle is united and strong, they will resist and fight in self-defense, and if this violence does not stop, it will eventually lead to all-out war and they should now prepare for it.”

David Yau Yau is the acting Chief Administrator of the Pibor Administrative Area.
He was also the head of the Murle rebel group that had been fighting the government until 2013.
The Murle and the Lou Nuer community have been engaged in a cycle of violence fueled by cattle raids and child abductions.

VIA: Jieeng Yirol


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