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Singer John Frog rushed to Emergency room.



On 14th of March 2020 South Sudanese most trending sensational singer John Frog was rushed to an emergency room after he was found unconscious in his Vehicle.

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The singer posted on his social Media account  “I almost died last night, reason being I was injected somewhere at a certain clinic where I went for check up..from there at my place after 30minutes I run out of water in the body(I was uncontrollably shaking and felt dry all over). I was not sure if I would see today.. Doctors made sure they rescue me within 10 minutes at freedom international hospital..
Besides I was denied from other hospitals thinking I’m already dead.. thank u promota K2, King Dee, peterMatiop, Jamesco, Selector Magok, clever Peterson, Jaybee Goodguy, DJ Hashiru, Atem, and my brother Mariak… thanks for standing with me last night . God is great “ 



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