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Nyandeng demands for three female governors



Three women must be appointed as governors in states to realize a 35 percent share of women in the peace deal, Vice President Rebecca Nyandeng has said.

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According to September 2018, peace agreement, women are to be given 35 percent in all levels of government in the unity government.

On Tuesday, the women Bloc has complained that women representation in the executive has not been met as 35 percent provided for in the revitalized peace agreement.

Last week, female activists said women must demonstrate willingness in order to achieve the 35 percent affirmative action.

The revitalized peace Agreement urges all the parties to empower and engage women in the decision-making process.

This is part of 35 percent that the parties agreed upon to be given to women during the reconstituted transitional government of national unity.

However, the parties fall short to complete the 35 percent share of women in the current cabinet.

The minister of information, communication, technology, and postal services, Michael Makuei revealed that Vice President Nyandeng told the first extra-ordinary council of ministers meeting on Wednesday that she wanted the main parties to appoint three women as governors in states.

The government spokesperson disclosed to the media that the Vice President called on the SPLM-IG to allocate two governor posts to women and one from SPLM-IO to complete allocation of 35 percent for women.

“She [Nyandeng] talks about the issue of 35 percent that the number available and present in the cabinet is less than 35 percent as provided for in the agreement,” said Makuei.

“She [Nyandeng] is saying that at least we [women] must be given three governors’ positions two from incumbent TGONU and one from IO, in so doing, they [women] will be satisfied and this will meet their expectation.”

Last week, Kiir appointed the cabinet of the Reconstituted government of national Unity with 9 females and one deputy ministers.

According to the deal, Kiir has violated the agreement by appointing 5 females out of 6 women and so is SPLM-IO which appointed 2 out of 3 women.

Only SSOA honored the September 2018 deal by offering one ministerial position to a female, Josephine Joseph Lagu, minister of Agriculture and Food Security.

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