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South Sudan National Youth Union is not personal briefcase of Mr. Gola Boyoi Gola.



Dear compatriots, it’s this evening when i came across a document written by Mr.Tarir Makoi a spokesperson for South Sudan National Youth Union informing the public that the “SSNYU” has issued an arrest warrant of arresting Mr. Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac whose criticism went viral against Mr. President of the Youth Union

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Mr. Gola Boyoi and his political staunch Mr. Tarir Makoi who’s also the mouthpiece of the institution at the same time over alleged embezzlement of the public funds they took without knowledge of the other executive members working with them in the office.

I am not here to confirm to the public that the alleged accusation over scandalous practices is true since i don’t hold any material evidence on hand as per now but i am agitated and forced on writing to express my views that i derive from the legal perspective as youth who is very concern for the integrity and wellbeing of this noble Union because i am not satisfied with the fact that our Union is operating under illusion of administration. Issuing an arrest warrant against Mr. Meen Gabriel Chol is a huge mistake and illegal not because he might be reliable on his claim of accusing President of youth Union Mr. Gola Boyoi and his active Secretary mr.Tarir Makoi but i have decided to criticise their filed arrest warrant for the following reasons:

1.South Sudan National Youth Union is not personal briefcase of Mr. Gola Boyoi and as institution it has no connection with that arrest warrant that is written on herbehalf as per Law because the accused are only Mr. Gola Boyoi and his close confidant Mr. Tarir Makoi with the exception of other executive members working with them in the Union, the fact that they run the National youth Union as briefcase doesn’t qualify them to abuse the power of the institution by scapegoating their personal makings and push them on as burden to the Union. I don’t refute the fact that they have no rights to file any litigation against any person who accuse them with false allegations but it’s not legal to arrest person using the name of the Union since Union has no enemies and what was accused of embezzlement of public funds wasn’t an entity but some individuals.

2. The arrest warrant would have been lawful and credible in case all executive members working at office of the National Youth Union were accused of the mismanagement of the public treasures but Mr. Meen Gabriel Chol was very clear as i had passed through his article,he didn’t generalise all members but only Mr.Youth leader and his close associates. So in this regard there’s no point where two to three members within the office could file the case bearing the name of the Youth Union that includes multitude and if it happened like that what would be the fate of the other innocent members working within the office of the National Youth Union with them incase the alleged embezzlement turns to be true.

3.The legitimacy of Mr. President of South Sudan National Youth Union mr. Gola Boyoi is in coma since his nomination by default , the leadership whose legitimacy doesn’t exist is likely to face the percussions of its illegal operation and it fosters fertile ground for many critics to relief their collective stress on it every single day and for this reason the leadership shouldn’t talk about issues related to legality when in fact it’s operating under illusional system of law.

Lastly, I would like to remind all South Sudanese people out there specially youth of this great Nation not to accept that unlawful act of this illegitimate leadership of this Union since the incumbent president is a defacto as many of you knows since day so they don’t have legal jurisdictions to arrest any youth who fights for the total transformation of the entity when they are infact operating under defacto leadership. It’s in the democratic society where people are allowed to exercise their rights to freedoms such as freedom of criticism as long as it’s constructive criticism that are meant to question the scandalous practices. When the Anti-corruption commission decided to get rid of corruption in Singapore they started it by punishing the top officials not from bottom, therefore as youth of this great Nation we will speak up all the times we can’t be intimidated by youth leader by issuing illegal arrest warrants as mean of defending his personal faults. We cannot buy that practice.


~Gattiek Gatkuoth Wichar

Concen youth of South Sudan
and could be reached via this email

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