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Kiir is not in Egypt but will relocate to Luri



South Sudan presidency said on Saturday that plans were being made to relocate President Salva Kiir Mayardit to Luri which has been described by the presidency as “lest congested.”

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Ateny Wek Ateny, president Kiir’s spokesman also denied this morning that president Salva Kiir has been evacuated to Egypt for treatment after social media reports.

“Whatever that was said that the President was flown to Egypt, the President is here in Juba and he is in his residence and he is doing well, he is very healthy,” Ateny was quoted by the Eye Radio on Saturday.

The President did not test positive for the Covid-19. These are all fabricated lies just made in an attempt to put the president in a disable position which is not true.”

“He did not relocate to Luri; it was a plan which is not done because this is what happens in other countries that leadership is evacuated to a place that is less congested. This is a normal thing which is done anywhere but because that place has no facilities that can be used by the president so the president continues to stay in his residence in Amarat.”

Eye Radio

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