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Community elders of Western Equatoria have rejected the newly appointed governor



June 29/2020
H.E. Salva Kiir Mayerdit
President, Republic of South Sudan

Your excellence,
We, the people of Western Equatoria State write this letter to express our Rejected of the appointment of
Alfred Futiyo as the Governor of the Western Equatoria State.
We acknowledge your leadership as the president of the Republic of South Sudan and solute you for your steadfast commitment to see South Sudan realized peace.

We want to let you and the people of South Sudan know that we the sons and daughters of WES Communities
want peace and development and not war. Futiyo cannot bring peace but war.
To continue living in peace, we the people of WES prefer a leader who will foster peace and not division and a
leader who is at least semi-educated and will be capable of leading the state. We strongly reject a divisive and
illiterate governor and we will not allow him to step his foot in WES.

Your excellency, if you would like peace to prevail in our state, kindly withdraw the appointment of Futiyo
with immediate effect and let IO leadership work with the communities of WES to find a candidate who the
people will accept and will be able to work with all the ethic groups in WES.

The following are the reasons why we are rejecting the appointment of Alfred Futiyo as the Governor of
Western Equatoria State.

1. Recently, Riek gave US 80,000 to the late brig. Gen. Santo Ali through Alfried Futiyo to
destabilize WES starting from Tombura to allow their allies from Central Africa Republic to
enter the soil of South Sudan. Dr. Riek has appointed Gen Futiyo to complete this mission.

2. Futiyo during his time in the bush committed atrocities against the people of WES, including the
rape of a while sister at St Bakhita parish Yambio in 2017 who used to do works of charity
among our people. The sister died soon after her return to her country. May her soul Rest in

3. Futiyo cannot write or read. He cannot even speak Juba Arabic. How is he supposed to
communicate with the diverse population of WES? We have very many capable sons of
daughter of WES in IO who can do better.

4. Futiyo has been instigating the Balanda people to start a fight with the people of WES. His
appointment is a call for a tribal war between Balanda and Azande people in WES the outcome
of which may be very devastating for the county at large.

5. Apart from being in the bush fighting the government, the only career Futiyo he has ever done
is that of a butcher man in Yambio market.

6. Futiyo and his IO forces are a source of insecurity more than peace to the people of WES.
Classification: Protected A
As a result of the above-mentioned reasons, we the people of WES REJECT THE APPOINTMENT OF
Should our petition not considered, we will be left with no option but to make sure that Futiyo and
Dr Riek will not step on the soil of WES but will have to govern from Juba.

Your excellence, we truest that you will resolve this problem amicably and therefore appeal to your
leadership to hear and take serious our concern.

Any disregard to our concern or imposition of Fuyiyo on the people of WES against the wills of the people of
WES will soluted with the spirits of our ancestors.
Leaders of the people of WES
Yambio, WES
Republic of South Sudan

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